Zyan album Jabaru DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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Zyan album Jabaru DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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The Zyan album is a celebration of the birth of Rene and Rodger’s first son. In connection with Zyan’s 21st birthday on May 6th, the Zyan album becomes available to purchase as a digital download. The baby sat on Rodger’s congas on the album artwork turns 21 and it is time to honour the anniversary of this award winning album.

Zyan was awarded Best Album 2000 at the prestigious Sunny Awards, Qld in the Folk/World category.

In collaboration with Nik Potts of Lucid and the wizard himself, Andrew Higgins, Jabaru created a landmark recording.

With African, Latin and Middle Eastern influences, Zyan is a fusion of world music sounds. Featuring smoking didgeridoo, soaring vocals and chants, tribal rhythms, dancing kalimba and electric fiddle, Zyan is the symbolic sound of a special moment in time and a flagship album of it’s genre. Soar on the wings of the Jabaru once more, with the Zyan re-release 2020.

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