Indigo album Jabaru DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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Indigo album Jabaru DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Indigo is a blend of folk and tribal music and features high energy drums. Indigo is the 4th release from Jabaru was inspired by the birth of Rodger and Rene’s daughter, Princess baby Indigo and by their journey across Australia. This album is an inspiring, original musical experience featuring djembes, floor toms, dun duns, darabuka, yidaki, dulcimer, vocals, flutes, keyboards, berimbau, soprano sax, guitars and bouzouki.

Indigo features a combination of instrumental and vocal tracks with guest musicians Alan Kelly and Steve Cook of the Barleyshakes, Chris Lane on sax and Nik Potts returning on fiddle.

Award winning producer Andrew Higgins and Jabaru take their music to another level, with this album high on impact and world class musicianship.

As a celebration of Indigo’s 16th birthday on June 3rd, you can now download her album for the very first time.

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