Vision Statement

“Music is a universal language which transcends all barriers. Our music is a unique blend of World fusion, celebrating the instruments and stylistic features of cultures from all over the Globe.

Our aim is to educate, inspire and open up a World of infinite possibilities.”


African Drumming Workshops

10 minutes of drumming a day releases tension, re-sets the mind and body’s inner clock and serves as both a stimulant and a sedative.

Drumming has been used for centuries to communicate, energize, celebrate, stir and heal.

Our structured 70 minute African drumming workshops take students on a journey of kinaesthetic learning, starting with a pulse or heartbeat, feeling the bass, tone and slap of the drum and performing simple to more complex rhythms as a group. Each rhythm is differentiated for varying ability levels and work together in polyrhythm to create a vibrant and rewarding sound.

The stylistic feature of many African drumming cultures is call and response. We relate students own conversations in to drum talk and get the students to liberate themselves and feel confident to hear the beat of their own drum! We designate different leaders within the group to call out rhythm changes, empowering the learner to use their voice and finish by incorporating a variety of native percussion instruments – relating the sounds and rattles to the sounds of nature, culminating in a wondrous soundscape for all to experience.


Didgeridoo Workshop

Rodger Bradshaw is the author of ‘How to play the didgeridoo’ work book, a one of it’s kind which has sold multiple copies.

We use the book to introduce students to the ancient history and meaning of the didgeridoo, also sharing students own experiences, cultures and stories to evoke inspiration.

Then onto cups of water and straws! We begin the process of teaching students how to circular breathe with a successfully tried and tested method.

Our didgeridoo’s are carefully treated PVC downpipe which is easily cleaned and fashioned to look like wood, these prove very popular with students. (Didgeridoos and Workbooks/music can be sold as part of an ongoing package). All didgeridoo’s are in the same key, making them easy to put to a variety of instrumental pieces we have to play along to.

How to obtain the correct embouchure for the didgeridoo is then demonstrated with students copying before moving on to creating sound.

Students who successfully play or who can already play can be extended by us teaching a variety of barks and calls reflecting the sounds of the Outback.


Vocal Workshops

Charly Bradshaw has been teaching voice for 10 years in the U.K and Australia and has been a voice specialist for 17 years, training at the Academy of Contemporary Music and the University of Westminster.

Working for Education Queensland for the last 6 years, she has lead a variety of choirs, been employed as a classroom music teacher and prepared students who have successfully competed in Eisteddfods and competitions.

In our Vocal Workshops we start with fun and engaging warm ups relating to technique and theory. Students work on pitch, tone, articulation and diction whilst enjoying choreographed movement and easily learnt rounds.

We also delve into the use of breath, which can help relieve anxiety and stress and help students connect with their own inner wellbeing. Moving on to humming which creates a positive vibrational field around the body.

Our repertoire is wide and varied, however we like to use African choral chants and choir pieces as well as Dreamtime songs, relating the content to ancient stories of Australia. We also use the Sing Out! Series of books which feature arrangements of up to date contemporary pop songs for students who would like to develop as more advanced singers.

Our focus is on group singing and the use of harmony which we differentiate depending on the age/grade of the students. Our 70 minute workshop culminates in a rousing performance of the learnt song for the school audience to enjoy.


Children’s Dreamtime Songs Package

10 songs have been specially crafted to be easily learnt and copied with actions and parts for varying classroom instruments. These songs are designed to be taught one a week, encompassing a term of work.

All songs are inspired by Dreamtime stories and native animals of Australia, covering aspects of the designated ACARA curriculum.

We have trialled these sons with students at Blackall Range Independent School who have thoroughly relished in and benefitted from the joyful vibe of these tunes. They particularly enjoy the dance moves and vocal sounds of the animals they replicate.

There is a strong emphasis on repetition, and building verses step by step in the songs making them easily accessible and differentiated for varying ability levels.

All songs come as part of a USB or digital downloadable package which can be used in classroom or guided through as part of a professional development package to schools. Once purchased they can be used forever.


Rodger Bradshaw

*GenYadaba Festival, Yeppoon – didgeridoo workshop, drum workshop, combined workshop – videos on

*London - Barnet Council – African drumming (djembe) 5+schools in 2012

*See photos and student reviews from workshops in UK schools ’98-‘01

*30 years professional experience in percussion, didgeridoo and African drumming, international success and tours with Tribal Trance and Jabaru, now with As You Are (AZ.U.R).

*13 albums recorded and released


Charly Bradshaw

*10 years professional music teaching experience, U.K and Australia

*QCT registered

*ANATS (Association of National Australian Teachers of Singing) trained

*AMEB Musical Theatre trained

*PDC in Vocals – The Academy of Contemporary Music

*BA (Hons) Commercial Music – The University of Westminster

*PGCE in Music – Middlesex University

*Choirs – SBSHS Junior Choir, STCC Vocal Group, AICM Mentor, Hendon School London – Head of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Pop School, Elite Choir, Junior Choir

*Song-writing student – finalist in Noosa 101.3FM ‘Songs of Summer’ (among adults and professional working musicians)

*Singer/Songwriter – 17 years in Europe and Australia

*Vocals, Djembe, Native Flutes, Hammered Dulcimer, Keyboard, Guitar, Studio Production with As You Are (AZ.U.R) for 7 years

*5 studio albums produced, recorded and released