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‘Music without borders to inspire peace, love and inner harmony.’


With over 30 years experience of composing and performing music for the mind, body and soul, Rodger Bradshaw fuses the healing vibrations of didgeridoo with the ancient Earth rhythms of tribal and African drums.

Charly Bradshaw has studied and mastered native instruments which resonate with and stimulate specific chakras and cells within the body, including the hammered dulcimer (Persia), Native American flutes and Irish whistles.

Woven together with kalimba (African thumb piano), soothing keys and our signature rainforest percussion, our eco-acoustic music creates a soundscape to take you away into a deep transcendent meditation.

Our upcoming album ‘Submerge’ is an hour long combination of these sounds and songs, designed for your yoga practice, relaxation, massage, reiki, or sacred ceremony. Listen to the samples on our ‘Listen and Download’ page and contact Charly for a booking to experience the rejuvenating experience of ‘Submerge’ live.


Read a summary of our incorporated music therapy research below;


Music has the power to move and enchant, energise and heal. It encourages the child within to play, unifies the beating of hearts and allows the imagination to soar.


Complicated music with multiple textures stimulates the dominant right ear, weaving a tapestry and creating a sonic rebirth. The Vegas nerve is stimulated and creates impulses of movement in the brain.


Lullabies soothe and calm, while low frequencies help heal us at the root chakra and stir ancient memories.

Angelic, elegant, worldly melodies with a childlike innocence create a sensation of bliss and promote the perfect background music effective in studying and retaining information.


Sound is energy - intricate geometric shapes can be created by sound. Combining the polyphonic music of forest dwellers (combining guitar and soprano sax melody lines in All and Everyone), the drum based music of desert dwellers and the combination of bass and high tones (didgeridoo and dulcimer or tin whistle) of mountain dwellers, our music combines the ancient traditions of those from a variety of environments in the ultimate combination of ceremonial and healing sounds.

Incorporating the sounds of nature such as birdsong (Australia, Deep Forest) stimulates the middle ear, which attunes our listening skills. Glorious multi-layered harmonies create a sense of contentment and serenity.


Ghandi - ‘If we have listening ears, God speaks to us in our own language, whatever that language is’.

Combining these musical elements balances the mind, body and spirit, nourishes emotions and helps one become present and whole.


Betawaves mask grief, alpha waves promote creativity and delta waves help us to sleep. At 60 bpm, the sound waves shift from beta to alpha, making 60 bpm an excellent tempo for productive and creative work. (Inena, Orca Dreaming)

Shamanic drumming takes the listener to pheta range (phetawaves) which can lead us into a perception of another dimension or trance. Deep breathing and long, slow sounds keep blood pressure down by slowing the heart rate. (Suwannee)


Submerge - to be drowned in sound, a musical bathing experience. It is transcendent music which fills the listener with warmth, relaxing and ambient, the music re patterns movement in the brain using vibroacoustic therapy.

Singing, chanting and vocalisation oxygenates cells, so we include simple chants and singalong songs into the music. (Maya, Sarasvati) Music changes how we perceive space and time, the physical world and the way we experience it. Slow music contains more space between the notes, encouraging us to slow down and be calm. 


Bright, uptempo music helps time pass more quickly, great when taking a long drive, performing household chores or working to a deadline. (Devi Ride the Lion, Eire) Tuning in to the deeper rhythms of life, our music promotes the wellbeing of our healing systems and inspires passion.


According to studies by Don Campbell, music of African heritage uplifts and inspires, while samba rhythms soothe and awaken (Rodger trained in Latin percussion)

According to many indigenous cultures, the use of the voice is said to bring us closer to the divine spirit, feeling the voice in your body vibrates the plates of shifting inner continents.

The art of toning by using long extended vowel sounds is an ancient method of healing - eee and aay sounds release sharp pain, anger, torment and frustration. (Su - wa - neee)

In our voices our thoughts and feelings connect. Humming stabilises rhythms in the body. The use of repetition or chanting, particularly the sound of omh (aum) is said in Sanskrit that you will become one with all creation. Chanting helps to organise thoughts and cleanses the mental palate.


The heartbeat is the greatest rhythm, 10 minutes of drumming a day releases tension, re-sets the mind and body’s inner clock and serves as both a stimulant and sedative.


Miracles happen. Music has the key to the access of all memory retrieval. The ideal music for recovery and to rest and relax the body is transparent, calming, has a constant beat and a beautiful melody.


Voice, drums, rattles and flutes unite indigenous cultures worldwide.

Creators of World music are the true missionaries of Sonic Healing, from the use of the pentatonic scale associated with the seasons in Native American Vision Quests, India’s raga a ‘gift from the gods’ and songs created by the travellers of the old Silk Road, all influences can be found on all As You Are albums.

‘A new planetary music is being created’ Faranelli


Mental Health


Music enlarges existing neuro-pathways, movement to music cures depression, music makes us walk in rhythm with the beat. As You Are encourage and support mental health awareness and believe music is a powerful healer for the mind. A beautifully layered, textural approach to soundscapes which stir the heart, celebrate life and comfort pain. Music and rhythms can touch the deepest emotions in everyone. As a single song can unite the world in celebration.

The infinite power to reach our hearts and grow as the universe changes. As one family we can share and ease grief and sorrow.


On a quest for conscious change we transform wounds to wisdom.