B. AZ.U.R features distinctive, soulful yet ethereal vocals, smouldering didgeridoo and an array of drums including congas, bongos, djembe, doumbek and talking drum.
Sprinklings of kalimba and modern folk instrumentation including the autoharp, melodica and tin whistle weave dreaming melodies.
Fusing together contemporary dance beats, ambient, trance, trip hop and dub with call and response, polyrhythm and choral harmonies, B.AZ.U.R is inspired by Mother Africa, mantras from Sacred India, soundscapes and landscapes of our African, Australian and British heritage.
B.AZ.U.R is full of purposeful, prophetic lyrics inspired by mythology, cross cultural energies of the Earth and a revolution of consciousness in all of us, to take us into a New World.
From tribal, hip shaking, foot stomping beats to evoking enlightening, mind expanding thoughts and emotions, B. AZ.U.R pulls you to lose inhibition and enter into a world of freedom, liberty and expression.

Be your true self, B. AZ.U.R. 


The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now is the debut album from AZ.U.R, a contemporary electronic dance music album featuring trance, house and trip hop beats, powerful vocals and tribal drums, weaved with vibrational, haunting didgeridoo and sparkling percussion. A real foot stomper to get you grooving.


Learn to play the didgeridoo….

These handy little booklets are full of great tips and techniques for anyone wanting to learn the didgeridoo. They can either be sold individually, used with your didgeridoo lessons or sold as a package with our ‘Didgeridoo for Schools’ workshops.


Custom Instrumental Music

AZ.U.R can provide custom instrumental music from any of our albums and beyond. Please enquire to have your custom track sent to you as an MP3 of instrumental didgeridoo and tribal music.