Charly is the voice of AZ.U.R, ranging from angelic and ethereal to powerful and soulful, she is as versatile as she is distinct. Charly plays keys, tin whistle, autoharp, guitar, djembe, Native American flute, dulcimer, melodica and percussion. She writes all lyrics and melodies as well as composes and arranges all of the music. Her love of World music stems from an early age with a fascination for diversity and culture and was developed in the bustling multicultural hub of North London. The thriving Eumundi Markets on the beautiful Sunshine Coast is the perfect environment for the musical expression that is AZ.U.R.


Rodger is the ‘rhythm man’ playing an array of drums including djembe, doumbek, congas, bongos, talking drum, floor tom, thunder drum and various percussion. He also writes all of the beats and grooves using a combination of retro drum machines and state of the art programmes. His unique style of didgeridoo using loops and delay create a memorable sound which is synonimous with his music and in particular, the sound of Eumundi markets. The combination of didgeridoo and drums stems from Rodger’s African and Australian heritage and is deeply rooted in Tribal Music.

Tribal Music

Tribal drums take centre stage as the third album from As You Are takes you on a journey through Australian, African, Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern and Pacific Island influences, melding indigenous folk cultures from all over the World. Tribal Music features tribal drums, didgeridoo, glorious vocals and chants, flutes, electric violin and hammered dulcimer. This is TRIBAL MUSIC….

1. Sarasvati – Ode to the River Ganges and her life giving spirit accompanied by a soulful African chant.

2. Bombora – A pulsating instrumental featuring the hammered dulcimer inspired by the Great Barrier Reef.

3. Tribal Music – A funky Australian dance tune showcasing the didgeridoo and tribal drums with the boomerang as a metaphor for a lovers addiction. ‘Keep on coming back…’

4. Eire – A Celtic dreaming of Oonagh’s magical transformation to stay in her homeland in peace, featuring the tin whistle.

5. Satina – A joyful chant of ecstasy laid on a bed of tribal drums and didge.

6. Makai – A stirring folk song created for the love of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

7. Suwannee – Featuring the Native American flute, Suwannee is a restful meditation to soothe and relax.

8. Devi Ride the Lion – A thumping tribal trance track fusing didge, African drums and electronica. Devi rides the lion in to battle to fight the forces of evil.

9. New World – A song of optimism and hope, drawing on ancient wisdom to promote a positive future for us all. With sprinkles of flute, violin, dulcimer and piano.

10. Manawataki – The Maori word for ‘rhythm’, a driving drumming track with tongue, thunder and djembe drums.

11. Kamana Kama – A celebration song of lovers desire with a Middle Eastern melody and sensual heartbeat.

AS YOU ARE gives respect and praise to the traditional owners of this land, may the Indigenous spirit, wisdom and culture be forever celebrated and held in our hearts.



B. AZ.U.R features distinctive, soulful yet ethereal vocals, smouldering didgeridoo and an array of drums including congas, bongos, djembe, doumbek and talking drum.
Sprinklings of kalimba and modern folk instrumentation including the autoharp, melodica and tin whistle weave dreaming melodies.
Fusing together contemporary dance beats, ambient, trance, trip hop and dub with call and response, polyrhythm and choral harmonies, B.AZ.U.R is inspired by Mother Africa, mantras from Sacred India, soundscapes and landscapes of our African, Australian and British heritage.
B.AZ.U.R is full of purposeful, prophetic lyrics inspired by mythology, cross cultural energies of the Earth and a revolution of consciousness in all of us, to take us into a New World.
From tribal, hip shaking, foot stomping beats to evoking enlightening, mind expanding thoughts and emotions, B. AZ.U.R pulls you to lose inhibition and enter into a world of freedom, liberty and expression.

Be your true self, B. AZ.U.R.


The Future Is Now


The debut album from AZ.U.R, a contemporary electronic dance music album featuring trance, house and trip hop beats, powerful vocals and tribal drums, weaved with vibrational, haunting didgeridoo and sparkling percussion. A real foot stomper to get you grooving.


AZ.U.R – As You Are

Float upon the soundwaves and fly with the soaring songs of As You Are’s musical adventure.

When Charly and Rodger Bradshaw perform together, there is a soul fulfilling energy created where the listener is urged to surrender to the hypnotising melodies and infectious beat, it is as if you had felt it inside you within another lifetime.

Performing regularly at festivals, markets and venues throughout Australia and Europe, check the gig guide for the next As You Are experience near you!